The MENA Center for Research & Development and Internship (MENA-RDI) is an independent non-profit center that operates in the Middle East and North Africa region. This center acts as a regional hub for education, consultation, research and capacity-building. It aims to stimulate innovation in different sectors in the MENA region. We hope to support healthcare and other fields R&D and human resources management in innovative and professional manner in collaboration with local, regional and international experts and organizations.

Healthcare and other industries in the MENA region requires more research and capacity building initiatives talking local problems and driving positive change with trends of innovation and globalization. The healthcare unit is led by local and international experts in medical research, healthcare management, pharmacoeconomics, epidemiology, preventive medicine, and evidence based medicine in all medical fields. Our second main division is the human resources unit that covers management, manpower and capacity building in all fields and is not limited to the healthcare sector. It aims to improve the human resources environment in the MENA region and support industries and businesses to have attractive, creative and innovative work environment. 

The center is based on two main arms: The first arm is the Healthcare division that focuses on the health sector in term of research, education and consultancy.  It also focuses on supporting healthcare professionals and researchers to conduct applied and laboratory innovative research. It supports investigators initiated studies across healthcare fields. At the same time, it contributes effectively to the current regional efforts in attracting major research and development investments from the global pharmaceutical and medical/biomedical industries.  The second arm is the Human Resources and Capacity Building Division. It aims to improve non-health sectors in term of human resources management, training, education, and creating a safe and innovative work environment.

For example, globalization of clinical trials is expected to have a major impact on health and economy of the MENA region, therefore, we will do our best to support the MENA regional more involvement in these initiatives. Investigators initiated studies is another areas that requires more investment and training and we are determined to ensure that local investigators ideas are transformed into solid scientific projects. The team will work closely with various local and international stakeholders such as governments, international organizations, societies, universities, volunteers and health-care activists.

Finally, local and regional data are limited, and we will work with all stakeholders in diseases registries, epidemiological data, pharmacoeconomics studies, and human resources data for various industries. 

Our main goal is to make the MENA-RDI the regional state of art hub for research and innovation!

International Collaborators

The center will be working with in collaboration with key international healthcare organizations to support healthcare, research and development in the Middle Eastern

The Center will have an International Steering Board. This team of experts will assist in drawing strategic plan for the center, raising funding and applying for joint training, research and consultancy projects in Jordan, Middle East and developing

Meet Our Team

Dr Mohamed Khtatbeh, BSc, MSc, PhD

Mohamed is responsible for overall strategy and execution across the MENA-RDI network.
He holds a PhD in Human Resources Management from University Putra Malaysia.
His research interest encompasses areas such as organisational justice, job performance, and compensation.
He has experience as a Human Resources Staff Officer for 20 years by executing the following duties:
Conducting job analysis, planning labor needs and recruiting job candidates, selecting job candidates, orienting and training new employees, managing wages and salaries, providing incentives and benefits, appraising performance, communicating, training and developing managers, and building employee commitment.
He works with United Nations as an operation and staff officer.

Mr Emad Addin Alshamaileh

Emad has a bachelor degree in general administration and a twenty year experience in administrating staff.
He is a highly skilled and experienced administration officer.
Bringing forth a very good command of Arabic, English and French languages. He has extra approved skills in public relations and following & revising technical recruitment agreements & contracts.
Bringing forth a positive work ethic and a commitment to efficiency and integrity. He worked as administration officer in Jordan Defense Attaché – China. In addition, he worked with United Nation as a logistic and administrative officer.

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