Medical Research

Medical Research & Globalization of Clinical trials Unit: Clinical trials Unit, Biomarkers, genetic research, and epidemiological studies


Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Unit:
a) Cancer Research and Prevention;
b) Diabetes Epidemiology and Prevention;
c) Cardiovascular Diseases;
d) Mental Health;
e) Quality of Life Research;
f ) Smoking Cessation Unit;
g) Other Non-Communicable Diseases

Regional Regular

Regional Regular Systematic Medical Screening Unit: supporting countries in the MENA region in drawing national guidelines for screening, assessment of cost-effectiveness of screening program, conduct of national programs in valid and systematic way, This would be through consultancy on selection of diseases of interest, population studies and health economic evaluation using local data for screening for chronic diseases, occupational and environmental health hazards, screening for communicable diseases.

Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Unit Divisions:
a) Infectious Disease Epidemiology;
b) Outbreak Control Team;
c) Immunization Research and Policies;
d) Antimicrobial Stewardship

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine, Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment Unit

Regional Diseases Registries

Regional Diseases Registries: initiation and maintenance of registries, support existing ones, utilizing data for supporting patients’ medical care, research and development
a. Rare and Orphan diseases
b. Common diseases

Continuous Healthcare Education

Continuous Healthcare Education Unit Divisions:
a) Medical;
b) Nursing;
c) Pharmacists and Clinical Pharmacists;
d) healthcare management
e) Other Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Quality

Clinical Quality and Healthcare Management Unit:

Electronic Health Information Systems

Electronic Health Information Systems: Maximize utilization of Electronic Health Systems in the region with focus on clinical and quality applications of Electronic Health systems.

Clinical Pharmacology Unit Divisions

Clinical Pharmacology Unit Divisions:
a) Clinical Pharmacology Studies and Consultancy;
b) Biosimilars and Biologics;
c) Pharmaco-vigilance and Medications Safety;
d) Drug Quality

Biosafety and Biosecurity Unit (BBU)

Biosafety and Biosecurity Unit (BBU):
supporting regional countries in consultancy, research and prevention

Patient and Community Education and Support Unit

Patient and Community Education and Support Unit

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